I think WPS office suite is a better option than LibreOffice on Linux OS, especially it is more compatible with MS Office. Uninstall LibreOffice suite Remvoe LibreOffice by apt-get remove in one command line instead of apt remove, as the latter doesn't support wildcard. Remove installation packages no longer needed Install WPS 2019 from official website Go to WPS website, click and download the *.deb package. The package version is and released on 2020.06.08. Go to the download folder and install, then delete the installation package. To launch the WPS writer, just type: You will see a very clean application, however it has no internet connection for online service. Install WPS 2019 by snap package Alternatively, you can install the snap package because WPS has already launched in Ubuntu Software Center. Search wps and find to install, or install it with the following commands. Update repositories and look up available packages There are several versions in the list, and wps-2019-snap is the latest one, while wps-office-multilang is actually WPS 2016 which is not recommended right now. Install the latest version (which is not as updated as the package from official site). Suggestion I suggest download WPS from official website and install it from your local drive. It's more fast than installing from the snap archive servers, and you will get a more updated version as well.

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