Estimated Time 30 minutes - one hour if: be confortable with command line and GCP console everything goes smoothly Tools Wordpress plugin: UpdraftPlus Docker and docker compose Git Steps Part 1: Backup data on the original blog machine Login to wordpress blog admin page and install UpdraftPlus plugin; Use UpdraftPlus to backup all the data of wordpress blog, then download to local drive(coz I don't use the cloud drive); Part 2: Create and setup a GCP VM instance Login to the GCP web console Create a VM instance, set it to allow HTTP/HTTPS traffic, use static IP address; Copy computer's SSH public key content in file ~/.ssh/ (generated by command ssh-keygen), add it to VM instance SSH Keys; Use ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa username@vm_static_ip to login to the GCP VM instance(or via the web console's SSH Connect feature open in a browser window); Install and configure git, docker, docker compose; Part 3: Update domain IP mapping from DNS provider(mine is GoDaddy) Change the domain type A value to GCP instance static IP from the DNS provider website; Part 4: Install LEMP stack and WordPress then restore on GCP VM instance git clone to gcp instance. Read the document to get a general idea of the customized lemp containers before doing the following; Edit the Dockerfile docker-compose.yml to setup mysql and wordpress user/password: cp .env_example .env vim docker-compose.yml Use the shortcut way to install LEMP stack with wordpress package: sudo -i docker-compose up -d # run it in the cloned repository's root directory Open http://vm-instance-static-ip in the browser to setup and…

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execute sql sentences to update table in wordpress database to recover blog views and likes reset by uninstall WP-Postviews plugin. 通过在MariaDB中执行SQL语句修改Wordpress数据表来恢复丢失的日志访问信息(阅读数量和点赞次数)。

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